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Run Fast Data Masker Scripts Remotely for TDM 4.6 Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need to have the FDM application installed on a different system than the TDM 4.6 Portal. Therefore, I would like to know if it is possible to run a FDM script on a different server than the Portal?


Component: TDMFDM


With the release of Test Data Manager 4.6, one new feature is the Data Masking functionality is now available in the CA TDM Portal. Changes to the TDM Portal architecture relies on an additional micro-service to handle the data masking in Portal. The TDM Masking Service acts as a wrapper for the traditional FDM processes and creates a set of “FDM compatible” configuration files and initiates the FDM Masking Engine to run the jobs. Therefore, FDM must be installed on the same system as the TDM Portal.

However, if you are not able to install FDM on the same system as the Portal, you have the option to use the Data Masking features in Portal to define/configure your masking and create the FDM configuration in the Portal. Then download the Configuration files and run the FDM scripts on your remote FDM server. 

To download the configuration file, after you have created/defined the masking rules, navigate to the Start Masking page in the Portal, and click the “Configuration file” link under the Additional Options section of the screen.
Note there is also a link to download the Constraint scripts, which you may also want to use, depending on the scenario. 

The file name is, and will be downloaded to your browser's default download area. The directory structure for the file is FDM_Config/<connection_profile>/<server_name>/<db_name>/<schema_name>.

For example:

  • FDM_Config/Credit-card/localhost/creditcard/dbo/
    • fdm_mask_Credit-Card_localhost_creditcard_dbo.csv = FDM Masking Rules file
    • connection_Crdit-Card_localhost_creditcard_dbo.txt = FDM Connection Profile to the DB
    • options.txt = FDM Options file
    • [options_extra.txt]  = Non-native FDM Options (e.g. HEAPSIZE)
    • run_mask.bat = Batch file to run the mask (FDM required on the machine running the batch file)
  • FDM_Config/run_mask_all.txt = runs all mask in the zip (this would need to be renamed to run_mask_all.bat)
  • FDM_Config/info.txt = General information about the configuration

To run the masking from the on a remote FDM system:

  1. Download the configuration file from the Portal server.
  2. Place a copy of the zip file on the FDM server
  3. Uncompress the file in the location of your choice
  4. Launch the Windows Command Line and navigate to the location of the Configuration file
  5. If using the "run_mask_all.txt", rename this to "run_mask_all.bat"
  6. Execute the batch file.



Additional Information

For more information see the “Mask Data with CA TDM Portal” documentation – "Start Masking" section, located at


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