can not delete refactored (moved) folders
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can not delete refactored (moved) folders


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


The user has a package with refactored folders in it. The folders need to be deleted. I have tried executing "Delete Version" on the folders and separately the items inside the folders and get error message related to can not perform action without also doing the parent folder, OR can not perform action items will become hidden. How can the folders be deleted?


CA Harvest SCM v12.6


We ran an SQL query to gather data for all versions of all files in the data view.  I wanted to check to make sure:

- No file in the package had a later version
- No folder in the package had a file that was not also in the package

Both of those conditions would cause the error.  In this case, neither condition was true, but I found that the files and folders in the package had been cross project merged from another project.

There are times when the root cause of problems relating to refactoring and/or cross project merge cannot be found.  This is one of those cases.


The user elected to perform "Remove Path" on the main folder to "D"-tag everything in it.  This will allow the development group to move forward and create the new folder and file structure they want.