OSIM: How to switch between ENU and NLS variant of the SD Agent
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OSIM: How to switch between ENU and NLS variant of the SD Agent


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How to switch between the ENU and NLS variants of the ITCM Software Delivery Agent (SD Agent), for use with OSIM deployments.


Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version.


When both the ENU and NLS agent packages are staged on the Scalability Server, the Boot Server plugin (by review of the code), will favor the ENU edition of the agent.  At the time of this documents publication, an enhancement story [S166320] was added to the ITCM feature backlog for improving this situation in the future.

For now, the following workarounds should be considered:
1- Unstage the ENU only package, making it only possible for the NLS (non-language specific) package to be available for OSIM (or vice versa). 

2- Let OSIM deploy the ENU package, and push the NLS variant after the OS image is deployed.