IntrvLogger (pdm_intrvlog_nxd) Running but no Interval Logging configurations are defined


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Why is IntrvLogger (pdm_intrvlog_nxd) daemon running even though Interval Logging configurations are not defined and can we prevent the pdm_intrvlog_nxd daemon from starting when the SDM service is started?


Component: USRD


By default, the pdm_intrvlog_nxd daemon is automatically started when the SDM server is started whether interval logging is enabled or not. To prevent this, we can stop the interval logging daemon manually, by removing the interval logging utility entry from the pdm_startup file, following the below steps:

1) Open the pdm_startup file located in the $NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder,

2) Locate the following line and comment this out with a ";"
; PDM_INTRVLOG_NXD(pdm_intrvlog_nxd, $NX_LOCAL_HOST, "pdm_intrvlog_nxd:%h")

3) Make the same change to the pdm_startup.tpl file to prevent the loss of the change after the next pdm_configure. 

4) Restart services for change to take effect.

Next time services are started pdm_intrvlog_nxd will not be running when pdm_status is run.