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Character Limitations of Risk Evaluation API parameters


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication


Could you please provide the character limitations(min & max lengths) for the below mentioned RiskMFA API parameters.
Authtoken API:
1.  authToken

Risk Evaluation API:
1. deviceId
2. transactionId

Post Evaluation API:
1. associationName




Please see the Min and Max limitations below --

Authtoken API:
1.  authToken
Min - NULL
Max - Varchar(128 Byte)

Risk Evaluation API:
1. DeviceId
Min - It is a Non Nullable column with no Minimum defined, if there is no DeviceID in request server will generate one
Max -- Varchar(128 Byte)

2. TransactionId
Min - NULL
Max -- Numeric 18

Post Evaluation API:
1. AssociationName
Min - This is also not Nullable column with no minimum defined
Max - Varchar(32)