AWI Analytics Cleanup & Maintenance
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AWI Analytics Cleanup & Maintenance


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


- Would running DB maintenance on the AE database affect the Analytics plug-in on AWI? If data older than a certain number of days is reorged and unloaded on the AE database, can Analytics continue to use data (from the same time period) for trends?

- Is there something similar to the AE DB Utilities to cleanup the Postgres Analytics database?




Since we require Analytics to use its own Postgres database, it stores data independent of the AE database. Running DB reorg / unload and cleaning up old records on the AE side will not affect the data tables on the Analytics side. Analytics will require its own database maintenance and cleanup. There is a dedicated Analytics Action Pack (Package.Analytics_PCK.AUTOMIC_ANALYTICS) which can be downloaded from This action pack contains predefined workflows to perform Postgres database clean-up (check file size / backup) specific to Automic.

General guidelines on Postgres database maintenance can be found here: