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When opening the CDM probe on a robot moved to UAT RAW config is being shown.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We moved about a 100 robots from one UIM domain to another.
In this case it was from our PROD to UAT.
When we go to open up CDM probe on any of the moved robots we get the raw config screen.
If we do the same operation on any other machine in UAT the cdm probe displays the GUI as expected.



UIM 9.0 and earlier
Distsrv 5.40 and earlier


Archive missing custom packages.

The robots in PROD had been installed with custom packages.
These custom packages did not exist in the UAT archive.
because they did not exist the GUI could not be displayed as expected


To check for this issue in IM scroll to the right and check for the package name.
By default this should be the probe name such as CDM.

If a custom package name was used you will see that custom package name.
you will need to make sure the custom package is in the local archive to allow for the probe GUI to be opened.

We took the following steps
1) stopped the distsrv on the UAT primary hub
2) copied over all of the custom archive packages from the PROD distsrv archive
3 started the UAT distsrv probe and let it register all the packages.

This resolved the issue and we could then open the GUI for the probes installed with custom packages.