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UIM - wasp probe not starting


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Jun 22 10:27:52:648 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.utils.FileUtils] In FileUtils.getFileChecksum
Jun 22 10:27:52:648 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.lookup.DataEngineLookup] No crypt key
Jun 22 10:27:53:648 [1784] Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe 'wasp' (command = <startup java>)


Release: 20.3 and later
Component: OC & CABI wasp


As of UIM 9.0.1HF1 the security has been enhanced. For wasp to start the .pem file needs to be copied over from the primary hub to the OC & CABI robots. This is covered in the upgrade instructions.



The UIM Server installer creates a .pem file (certificate.pem) in the <Nimsoft>\security folder. The .pem file is a symmetric key that is shared with the required robots, which is then used for communication with the data_engine probe. You copy this .pem file to the remote OC and CABI robots and provide the location of the file in the robot.cfg file (cryptkey = <.pem file location>). Furthermore, if any impacted probe is not on the same computer where data_engine is present, copy the generated .pem file to the robot computer (where data_engine is not available) and update the robot.cfg file with the .pem file location on that computer. For more information about the robot.cfg file configuration, see Configure robot.cfg.

Follow these steps: 
1. Navigate to the <uim_home>\nimsoft\robot folder.

2. Open the robot.cfg file in a text editor. 
3. Add the following parameter to the file: 
cryptkey = <location of the .pem file> 
For example, cryptkey = c:\Certificate\certificate.pem 
4. Save your changes. 
Note: You do not need to restart the robot. 
You have successfully configured the robot.cfg file on the OC and CABI robots. 

Additional Information

controller log 
Aug 15 10:23:27:357 [4408] Controller: handle_probe_config_get: finding value of section=/controller, key=cryptkey 
Aug 15 10:23:27:357 [4408] Controller: handle_probe_config_get : could not find value of section=/controller, key=cryptkey 
Aug 15 10:23:27:357 [4408] Controller: nimSession:0000000001160080:912: - needs cross-thread locking 
Aug 15 10:23:27:357 [4408] Controller: SREPLY: status = 4(not found) -> 
Aug 15 10:23:28:361 [1700] Controller: RREQUEST: _close <- h=292 d=0 
Aug 15 10:23:29:361 [1700] Controller: Process stopped (probe=wasp, pid=4084) RET = 1 

wasp log 
Aug 15 10:23:27:341 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.lookup.DataEngineLookup] Request to probe "/dev2_mmc/dev2_mmc_pri/USDF13V0610/data_engine" callback get_connection_string was successful. 
Aug 15 10:23:29:048 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.lookup.DataEngineLookup] No crypt key 
Aug 15 10:23:29:361 [1700] Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe 'wasp' (command = <startup java>)