[AWI] Unable to display some activities in Process Monitoring Perspective
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[AWI] Unable to display some activities in Process Monitoring Perspective


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


On Automic Web Interface, sometimes there are activities that are not displayed on Process Monitoring Perspective, but can be display when filtered:
For example:

  • When filter for Blocked tasks, it will show the following:

  • While for normal display with most (or all) kinds of activities are selected:
(the Blocked activities are not shown even BLOCKED status is checked)


Automic Web Interface v12


This is due to the default limit of display on web interface

  • On screenshot, it displays 215 Abend, 282 waiting and 3 active (total 215+282+3=500)
  • While in fact the total of activities should be higher, some of them are truncated from displaying, which can cause misunderstanding
  • By default the number of activities displayed is set to 50


  • Please go to client 0, look for UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS
  • Add the following parameter: COMBINED_ACTIVITIES_LIMIT, set the value to be higher than 500 (i.e 1000) (Server restart is not needed)
  • Then log in again, your Process Monitoring now can show more than 500 activities.