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Can't upload swagger file from CA LIVE API Creator 4.1 into CA API Portal 4.2


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


When we try and upload swagger file that provide from CA LIVE API Creator 4.1 into CA API Portal 4.2.x we get an error: 'Invalid file size'.

<Please see attached file for image>

Error shown when upload more than 1MB swagger file.


CA API Portal 4.2.x have a 1MB limitation for uploading Swagger/Json files.
The Development team is working to overcome this code design limit in future releases and allow up to 10MB uploads.


CA LIVE API Creator 4.x and CA API Portal 4.2.x.


The only solution at the moment is to work on the data in CA LIVE API Creator and remove un-needed tables/information to allow a smaller file to be exported from it.


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