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[AWA] Script to auto start service and agent when AIX system reboot


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We would like to set auto-start AUTOMIC agent when system was reboot on OS AIX 7.x?


Release: 12.x
Component: Service Manager



These are 4 steps to perform auto-start script on AIX OS:

1. vi /etc/inittab last line follow and save:
user:2:wait:/opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/SrAutomic > /dev/console 2>&1 #Startup AgentAutomic

2. vi /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/SrAutomic follow and save:
nohup /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/

3. vi /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/ follow and save:
cd /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin
sudo -u user /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/ucybsmgr -i/opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin/ucybsmgr.ini AUTOMIC &

4. Change permission files.
cd /opt/automic/ServiceManager/unix/aix/bin
"chmod 755 SrAutomic"