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About GW patch of Portal v3.5 CR09


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


Questions about the following GW patch file included in Portal v3.5 CR09. 

Their name are the same as v3.5 CR07 and CR08. 
If base-8.4-9.3-package.tgz is already applied by CR08 (or CR07), does it need to be applied again at CR09? 
Or, Can it be skiped? 
(「Install CA API Developer Portal Integration Components on CA API Gateway」of Document)


Component: APIPRD


The base - 8.4 - 9.3 - package.tgz of CR 9 has the same name as the previous CR, but it is not exactly the same.
Therefore, when applying CR 9, it is also necessary to apply base - 8.4 - 9.3 - package.tgz.
Please run all step of "Upgrade to the Latest CR Release".