Within SNMP collector, not seeing all of the metrics we are expecting from supported devices
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Within SNMP collector, not seeing all of the metrics we are expecting from supported devices


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


Discovered certified devices for monitoring with the snmpcollector probe, but a number of metrics in each of the metric families enabled in the applied template are not available for monitoring.  See availability and reachability but expect to be able to monitor a number of other things like CPU, Memory, power supply.  The problematic devices discovered are:

Extreme Black Diamond 8810
Extreme Summit X 460-24x


UIM 8.51
snmpcollector:  3.43
device_certification_deployer:  2.20


devicesupport.ca.com was used to identify metrics available for the specified device/model which have been certified for monitoring with the snmpcollector probe.  When viewing the available metrics for a specific device/model on this site for a certified device, the Metric Family section identifies the metrics available for the selected Metric Family.  To view the specific metrics available for monitoring in the selected Metric Family for the selected device/model it is necessary to expand the Vendor Certification at the bottom of the page for the specific set of metrics that can be monitored for the device.


Verify the available set of OIDs in the Vendor Certification section for the selected device/model, then configure the corresponding metric in the template that will be applied to the device.  For example, for the Extreme Summit/X 460-24x device/model CPU metric family, the devicesupport.ca.com page shows the following set of metrics available in the CPU metric family at the top of the page:

Extreme Summit X 460-24x CPU Metric family

If you expand the Vendor Certification at the bottom of the page, the available metrics for this device is displayed:

From here we can see that the only CPU metrics available for this device are:

Utilization - pulled from the OID  (extremeCpuMonitorTotalUtilization)

cpuIdleUtilization - calculated with the following formula:  100 - extremeCpuMonitorTotalUtilization

To add monitoring of Utilization to the template to be applied to this device, add a filter to the CPUs->CPU node under the template:

snmpcollector CPU CPUs Filter for Extreme Summit device monitor

Then enable monitoring for the available metric(s) that need to be monitored for this device:

snmpcollector CPU CPUs Utilization Monitor for Extreme Summit device monitor

Save changes to the template and the configured monitors will then be applied to the discovered devices.

Additional Information

The devicesupport.ca.com site is in the process of being migrated to devicesupport.broadcom.com 

Once the migration is completed, this information will be available from the new devicesupport.broadcom.com site and the devicesupport.ca.com site will be disabled.