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cannot update 12.1 to Build 189, other systems no problem


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Output Management Document Viewer Output Management Web Viewer


Unable to update Web Viewer to build 189 on some servers...
The process gets hung at 8% at the screen Installing CA Output Management Web Viewer r12.1.
There's a truncated message, Installing... Deleting Folder: E:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Vie...


Component: WBVLUW


The ID running the Updater/Install did not have permission to update into sub-folders. This is what caused the install to stall - it did not have permission to delete portions of the previous install. Customer switched to using an ID with administrative permissions and the update then successfully ran to completion on all servers.

Additional Information

In a WebEx where the customer reproduced the problem, we looked at the "Details" file in the same folder as the Build 189 Update, but it just sort of stopped - no help there. 
Next we drilled down into the install target folders and checked permissions when we got to the E:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer, we checked the security/permissions for the user doing the install (FireCallID) and found that the ID did not have permissions to any sub-folders - highly suspicious and likely the reason for the hang in deleting files problem. 
The customer questioned why they did not run into the same problem on other servers when they updated to Build 187 several weeks back? CA SE postulated some security change was made in the interim. The customer tested the hypothesis by running the Build 187 update right then and there and lo and behold, same problem - the update hung at 8% with the message, Installing... Deleting Folder: E:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Vie... 
The customer followed up with their security folks to see if they'd grant the FireCallID permission to update not just the Web Viewer folder, but also sub folders. That lead to the customer being allowed to use an administrative ID instead of the FireCallID to run the 12.1 Web Viewer update.