A list of Known Issues with Service Catalog 17.1 With RU1
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A list of Known Issues with Service Catalog 17.1 With RU1


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This document lists out several issues identified with CA Service Catalog (SC) r171.RU1.
CA engineering team is working diligently to get these issues resolved.
Note: Not all CA Service Catalog 17 RU1 deployments encounter the listed defects.  This is due in part for which forms are designed and used varies from customer to customer.  If you experienced any of the identified defects please open a case with CA Support.
CA Support and Engineering teams are proactively raising the awareness while the defects are being resolved.
A formal fix will be published to include a holistic solution for all these items shortly.  In the interim we have a Point-Fix available (T6D9380) that can be provided to customers who report any of the resolved issues. 
This document will be updated frequently by CA to ensure customer success.



Windows running CA SC r17.1.RU1


Defects fixed in Point Fix T6D9388
DE42295 - Drop down leading space issue
Description: There is an extra space in the drop down and the length does not wrap with the   entries. Same behavior is observed in static 
and dynamic drop down.

DE40225, DE42943 - Selected indexof static options and empty space
Description: Default indexes on the Select Component do not load when going to the service. If they are hard coded value options in the select, they never load. If they are data objects to populate the list, they will load the default value after clicking the drop down arrow.
DE42663 - Extra unnecessary space when displaying items in a select box
Description: There is an extra space in the dropdown and the length does not wrap with the   entries. Same behavior is observed in static and dynamic drop down.
DE43123 - Dropdown fields with few options show large dropdown area
Description: There is an extra space in the dropdown and the length does not wrap with the   entries. Same behavior is observed in static and dynamic drop down.
DE43119 - ca_fdAddTableRow doesn't work with dropdown fields
Description: After upgrading to 17.1.01 it is found that ca_fdAddTableRow treats all columns like    text fields. In version 14.x we could insert a row and select an option of a dropdown field by supplying the id of the select option. In 17.1.01 it adds the row but inserts the id as text, ignoring the validation of the dropdown.

DE42722 - lookup Hidden form fields are not saving in the database

Description: Form fields that are hidden and have data in them are not being saved to  
the  database. If these hidden fields are used to pass values to pam then the pam process fails.
DE42835 - Script field update is not reflecting until reload the form
Description : Whenever we update the script field and click save and save the form it will not generate the results until you leave to a different form and go back. This behavior is observed both in Internet Explorer 11.0 and Google Chrome.

DE42048 - Error trying to copy a request with more than 1 service
Description: When you copy a request with 2 services in it. Getting a message that states the following: "Only one service is allowed in a request. The request cannot be copied, please check catalog configuration." The following is set in the Catalog Configuration.
Allow Only One Service Per Request = No

DE40796 - Dual list is not respect the label width value of my field set
Description: "Dual list" is not respect the "label width" value of my field set or my form.Always sticking to the left side.

DE41957 - Form Field Misalignment in column layout
Description: The fields when part of the column layout is overlapped in the request screen and not in the form designer. The display is overlapped between both the fields in case of the customer exported forms these are the 2 select boxes

Defects Fixed in the Post RU1 Point-Fix T6D9380
DE40313 - Attachment issue when file name has space
Add an attachment like .doc or .xls with a space in the name of the file.
When you try to get that attachment from a Catalog's request in the Catalog-UI, you will see the symbol "+" between each space in the file name.

DE40400 - Request list page is not coming back to the previous page
Looking at multiple pages of requests in the dashboard for 17.1 (no fixes).
If on a page other than 1, when approving a request or going back to the search page,

it's not coming back to the page it was. It always gets back to page 1. 
DE40572 - Dashboard report is showing a hidden column (UUID) now
Running a published report in the dashboard.
The report contains 2 fields, the UUID and the name.
The UUID is hidden in the data view.
When the report is displayed in the dashboard in 14.1 it only displays the name.
However the same report in the dashboard displays the UUID and the name.
Even though the column rule is set to hidden for the UUID in 17.1.RU1.
DE40574 - Gear icon showing over top of Column Header on Request home screen
Gear icon showing over top of Column Header on Request home screen
DE40886 - Form does not show up when selecting an option
The form doesn't show up in the browser when you have multiple service options in an offering.
It is even worse that you can still submit the request to that offering in which the form doesn't load.
And the form has some validation checking there.
DE40985 - Advanced search - French character like ""É"" is not working with IE
Search for all requests submitted by a person with lastname = "Grégoire" for example.
In IE you get no result in advanced search. 
But this is working with Chrome. 
It is not working for all characters used in French like "É" "È" "Ê" "À" "Û"..... etc.... 

DE40996, DE41171 - Service Options Groups is empty in edit mode.
When they view Service Offerings > Options Group there is nothing in the list.
However, when viewing an Offering and looking at the Definition there are Option Groups available. 
Login to the SC-UI, Go To Catalog > Service Offerings > Option Groups >> It is blank.
However you can see the option groups in the offering definition.

And also when we search for the option groups in the service designer.
DE41009 - Dual list, error on submit when more than one selection with single quote in it
With dual list, you’ll get an error on submit when more than one selection with single quote in it.
DE41016 - Administration - Configuration Options no longer sorted in Alphabetic Order
These used to be alphabetized and easy to find.
They now appear to be in a random order. 
From my initial comparisons, they all look to be there and the settings appear to be the same which is good. 
However, it was hard to find the Option I wanted because it was out of alpha order. 

DE41887 - Catalog form checkbox display issue in Unified Self Service
Open the form within Unified Self Service. Checkboxes are displayed incorrectly.
The actual checkbox itself is in the correct location.
But all the lines of text are now set slightly below the checkbox.
DE41900 - Date picker does not bring back the time to the text field
When using the date picker and a time is selected, it simply returns 00:00:00 to the text field.
The user is not able to pick the time at that time.
To test:

Go to form designer and "CA Catalog Content". 
Choose "Video Conference" or any form that had date/times. 
Select a date with a specific time and the time in the field always gets reset to 00:00:00 

DE42058 - Select box does not populate options after appearing
Hidden select box does not populate options after showing it, based on another select box option. 
Current Defects that are actively worked by Engineering 
DE39490 – Form Designer Slow Performance
General navigation on 17.1 is very slow, such as drilling into the components list, copying form elements and navigating between tabs is much slower. 
DE41620 - GetSelectedOptionValues(formId,id) Api is not working properly for DualList Component in Form designer
Suppose in dual list we have 3 options
Require hiding some components when selecting one of the value in dual list and want to show those components which are hidden, by selecting another value in dual list.
DE41817- Form editor is slow and lagging when expanding forms
The form editor is very slow and lagging when expanding forms to view the components.
Occasionally it causes the IE tab to hang when waiting for it to expand. 
To test:
Go to Forms > Forms > “Software Change Management” folder.
Locate “Add Change Mainframe File” form.
You will recognize this problem: it takes so/too long to load this form.
And likely you will get “<host> is not responding due to a long-running script” error.