CID015 Abend
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CID015 Abend


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VM:Backup for z/VM VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


We're running VM:Backup 3.6 on z/VM 6.4.
I tried to restore a file and VM:Backup abended with a CID015.
I restarted the machine with NOCHECK, then ran a check on the catalog which ran clean, no errors.
I can restore other minidisks just fine but subsequent attempts to restore this one file all fail with CID015.



Component: VMB


Re-index the catalog files. 

First rename the four INDEX files and let VM:Backup rebuild them at startup. 
Since the CHECK command reports no errors, that's an indication there are no missing catalog files.

When you do bring VM:Backup back up, consider bringing it up COLD just to remove any queued restore requests that may still be tied to this catalog conflict. 
Of course a COLD init will remove any and all jobs that are queued to run so we don't want to cause any scheduling interruption/hardship by you doing so. 
But the catalogs need to be re-indexed to prevent the CID015 abend. 


Additional Information

It's also possible the catalog the file is being restored from was condensed *after* the restore job was compiled. That could cause a CID abend like this, hence, the suggestion to cancel any queued restores.