Unable to open DSM Explorer, progress bar stuck at retrieving portal data
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Unable to open DSM Explorer, progress bar stuck at retrieving portal data


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After changing the "certificate preference" to support "SHA256_2048" only, and with patch T533300 (DSM EXPLORER HUNG) applied, replacing cfcertidentity.dll, DSM Explorer no longer opens, and the progress bar is stuck at one of the following areas:

Retrieving SD portal data
Retrieving RC portal data


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Reference certificate preference policy:

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Default Computer Policy --> DSM --> Common Components --> Security --> Certificates Options --> Certificate Preference:

Default value is: "SHA256_2048,SHA1_1024"
SHA256 only is: "SHA256_2048"

The problem occurs when the preference policy is set to "SHA256_2048", and T533300 is applied to the Domain Manager.


Client Automation -- r14 SP1 only


Patch T533300 addresses a scenario where r14 GA or earlier DSM Explorer is unable to communicate with an r14 SP1 Domain Manager, due to the introduction of the dual certificate store feature, where ITCM now utilizes SHA256 certificates.  Unfortunately there is an unforeseen issue with this patch, when the certificate preference is changed to use SHA256 certificates, only.


Remove patch T533300 from the ITCM Domain Manager, and restore the previous or original cfcertidentity.dll file.

It is highly recommended to use the cfcertidentity.dll patch from T437262, a patch written to address several memory leaks in the r14 SP1 release of the product.  Open a case with Support in order to receive the latest WinOffline rollup for r14 SP1.

Refer to the recommended patch KB article:


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