iDash CLI error with User or password not valid


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We've installed an iDash client on a remote server and even though it's configured correctly via iDash Admin Tool, any execution of an iDash Client Utility fails with  "User or password not valid"

For example:

./idgenpdf -t -n Status_Daily_Runs -f /tmp/Status_Daily_Runs.pdf"  fails with "User or password not valid"


In iDash security, on the "CLI Authentication" tab, CLI option is enabled.

The iDash authentication between the iDash client (running on a remote system) and the iDash server is done against the Unix/Linux user that you use to logon onto the server running the iDash client utilities

If you are logged on as root, then the 'root' account is passed to the iDash server for authentication.



iDash release, Service Pack: 0440
Operating System: AIX

This problem might happen on any iDash Client release on any Operating System


Authentication between the iDash client and the  iDash server is done against the user used to logon onto the iDash client server


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