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Spectrum Archive Manager crashed in code on Linux


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CA Spectrum


The ArchMgr crashed in on Linux but with no core file was created.  The only information was in  /var/log/messages

ArchMgr[5009]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f4aa18bfef5 sp 00007f4a996d5ee0 error 4 in[7f4aa183a000+e5000]


Any Spectrum release running on Linux


Without a core file to run a stack trace on, there is no way to determine the root cause of the crash. 

The Linux system needs to be configured to produce a core file should this occur again so the core file can be analyzed for a root cause.

Please work with the Linux administrator to configure the Linux system to produce a core file.

Additional Information

Although no core file was created, this may be the issue discussed in knowledge article 213113 "ArchMgr Crashed on the primary server during a shutdown of clients".

A stack trace from a core file would be required to confirm.