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How to deploy uim packages in a high-latency network


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have a problem with a package robot_update to deploy from IM to remote region (Brasil). This region have elevate latency and the deploy is closed. This problem too exist to large probes for example probe hub. Is there a different way to deploy a package locally?


UIM any version


We have 2 options:

* install the IM on the remote server and login with the primary hub
* make sure the robot_update package you need to deploy is available in the Archive
* if so, using the IM on the remote server, you can either distribute it to the robot or update the controller (right click > Update version)
* if not, try option 2

* transfer the robot_udpate package to the remote server using WinSCP or a similar application
* save the package in the Archive directory (\nimsoft\archive)
* update the controller (right click > Update version)