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CABI Jasperserver Dashboard "Spectrum Overview" does not provide data


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CA Spectrum


Except for dashboard "Spectrum Overview", all reports and dashboards have worked without any problems so far.

This report was called with both MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. "Superuser" was used in CABI Jaspersoft.

The following forum entry has brought no improvement: Java "-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=12G"

When the report is called, the following error message occurs without much delay:
"An unexpected error occurred while retrieving data. Please check the user access privileges or run as a different user." or "Contact the site Administrator

The MySQL process list "show full processlist" does not show that the CABI Jasperserver opens a MySQL call, after opening the Dashboard.


Release: CA Spectrum 10.2.3 and the current Unified CABI Jasperserver 6.4.2 was installed, which was integrated with CA Spectrum.

Component: SPCJSP - CABI JasperSERVER


On the Spectrum side make sure to ...
- use a "spectrum" user to login/run the Dashboard views, if "superuser" is not known in Spectrum
- have SSO enabled on the CABI/Spectrum integration page
--> if SSO is not enabled, enable, save and restart the Spectrum Tomcat service

On the CABI server, make sure to run the following steps:
- STOP the CABI Tomcat (Apache Tomcat)
- run the install command:
CABI Install folder path>\java\bin\java -jar \spectrumConfigInstaller.jar -install
- start the CABI Tomcat again.
- Once up, use a fresh browser to login with a "spectrum" user
- check the "Spectrum Overview" Dashboard again.
For example:

The major issue was to run the "spectrumConfigInstaller.jar" with the CABI Tomcat service running. If it is in use, the command will fail, but in this case does not show with an error.    Additionally, give the CABI Tomcat restart some time to be ready. The dashboard frames need some time to show data and if not, a refresh should be done.

Additional Information

The instructions in the CABI/Spectrum (unified) integration Guide section will be changed, to make sure to stop the CABI Tomcat before running the integration.


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