How to delete alarm_routing_service


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We describe all the necessary steps how you can delete alarm_routing_service.

In UIM 8.5.1, alarm_routing_service is an optional but not mandatory for Spectrum Gateway probe.

Please take a look at the below doc.


UIM 8.5.1

(*) This step can not be applicable on 8.5.0 or older.


Please follow the steps.

1. Open nas probe in Raw Configure.
Please change value of "enrichment_subject" key (in setup section) from "alarm1" to "alarm", and save the change.

2. Deactivate trellis probe, delete trellis probe and delete probe folder (<UIM>/probes/service/trellis)

3. Deploy trellis probe to the Primary UIM hub and activate trellis probe.

4. Deploy nas-api-service package to the Primary UIM hub.

5. (Spectrum Gateway probe Users only) Deploy Spectrum UIM Services package to the Primary UIM hub.

(*) The version of Spectrum UIM Services package should match the version of Spectrum Gateway probe.

6. Open probe GUI of hub probe in the Primary hub, go to [Queues] tab, highlight [alarm-routing-service] queue, delete the queue and save it.