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Agile Central - Notifications: Is there any way to avoid receiving notifications for my own changes?


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Is it possible to receive notifications in CA Agile Central for the changes done by others , not by me, for all of the Work Items of which I am the Owner? 


Release: AGCTTR99000-2016-Agile Central-Time Tracker-SAAS


Yes, by using Notification Rules in CA Agile Central you can be informed by the changes done to your Work Items and such notifications will exclude your changes. In order to achieve your goal you need to setup the notifications in the following way.

Navigate to My Settings/Navigation Rules and for every Work Items you'd like to get notifications for set the following rules :

Change Author !=  'your_username'
Owner = 'your_username'

Additionally, ​please uncheck (if already checked) checkbox : "Notify me about changes to my Defects (and items directly related to them)". 

More information on setting up notifications and the "Notify me about changes..."  checkbox you can find in this manual article.