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Agile Central: How the system selects a default project if no default project/workspace setting in the user's profile.


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If the user does not set up the default project from the user profile. How the system selects a default project when user login?

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Component: ACSAAS


If the user has no default project setting. The system will pick up the project base on Alphabetical. Even project is a child project.

For example:

Below is the user's projects

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When user login, the project "Group: Network Router - Demo" has been selected by default. 

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Try to modify one project's name from "Team: Network Switch Fiber- DemoAB" to "ATeam: Network Switch Fiber- DemoAB"

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Logout and Login again, the project "ATeam: Network Switch Fiber- DemoAB" has been selected as default project now.

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