How do I delete a device in USM, and have it rediscover?
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How do I delete a device in USM, and have it rediscover?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have the need to remove a device from USM and have it rediscovered. How do I do that?


Component: CAUIM


-Find the device in the USM inventory. 

-Select the check box next to the device

-Select Actions

-Select Delete Selected

-Disable Prevent Rediscovery

-Click OK

If the device is actively receiving metrics it will return to USM within 2 poll cycles.


Additional Information

Note the following information from the documentation on the 3 checkboxes in the Delete Devices window.

  • Prevent rediscovery - Excludes the device instances from being added back into the Operator Console.
    If you do not select the Prevent rediscovery option, the devices will be deleted from the Operator Console, but devices still will be monitored by probes and will be rediscovered and re-entered with new cs_Ids. If you do not use the option, you must turn off probe monitoring for the devices to prevent rediscovery. Device deletion does not uninstall robots.

  • Acknowledge alarms - Closes all open alarms.
    Closed alarms are moved to the historic alarms table, and historic alarms are aged out of the table according to the configured retention policies. Subsequent device alarms will still be displayed in the global alarms view and must be closed manually. Historic alarms can also be viewed in the global alarms view until they are aged out. To prevent alarms for devices from being generated by probes, configure the probe monitoring the device to exclude the devices.

  • Delete measurements - Deletes references to the device QoS data. To prevent the QoS references from being added back, you must disable probe monitoring for the device. After probe monitoring has been disabled, the measurement data will eventually be aged out.