Performance Issues Creating and Updating Attributes in PPM


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Creating new custom attributes or updating existing attributes is taking an extremely long time in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)


Component: PPMSTU


Solution 1: Ensure the # of custom attributes for the master object it is associated with is within the recommended range. Anything above 100 can cause performance issues. Excerpt from documentation at: CA PPM Studio Objects and Attributes

"Important! The product supports up to 500 total attributes for each object. However, we recommend that you do not assign more than 100 attributes to a single custom object. A high number of attributes can result in performance issues and the potential failure of subsequent upgrades. Consider creating a subobject rather than assigning many custom attributes to a single object."

Solution 2: If the above is not the cause, note that there is also a defect DE42014 fixed in 15.4.1 that was reported as early as 15.3. As part of this defect, it's been reported it can take an extremely long time (at least 5 minutes at times) to create or update an attribute.