How to Configure CA Single Sign-On software for use with CA PPM and Open Workbench


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We have SSO (CA Single Sign-On) set up on our CA PPM environment and Open Work Bench (OWB) is not working. We are seeing the following error, "Stream version from the server is not the same as client version."


Component: PPMOWB


How to configure the CA Single Sign-On Policy Server.
CA PPM still makes use of the legacy URI /niku/app for some browser-based application functionality, especially for the Open Workbench and Microsoft Project scheduler tools. Configure Single Sign-On to protect every URI that does not match the following pattern:
All other URIs under /niku/app are protected. Scheduling tool (OWB or MSP) URIs are allowed to pass unprotected because they are not capable of handling an SSO authentication challenge. CA PPM directly authenticates access to these scheduler tools with a username and password.
You want to exclude schedulers but protect all other requests to /niku/app.
Create a resource rule under the realm that uses the following regular expression: