Copying a Status Report in Clarity Classic UI
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Copying a Status Report in Clarity Classic UI


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There are times when users would like to copy existing status reports instead of populating one manually. 


Clarity 15.9.3 and below


Steps to Copy a Status Report in the Classic UX:

1- Login to PPM 
2- Click on Home -> Projects -> open the desired project from the list 
3- From the project Properties tab menu select 'Status Reports'
4- This will bring up the list of available status reports for this project 
5- Click on the New button the page to create a new Status Report
6- Give a name to this report 
7- Next from the top right hand corner, click on the Actions drop down
8- Select the option to Copy 
9- The popup that comes up will bring up a list of all Status Reports
10- From this list, select the report which you want to copy 
11- Click on the save button and this will update the fields on the new report created in step 5 with the fields from the selected report on step 10

Please note - If you copy a Status Report that has been locked, the status report you just created will be locked as well.

Additional Information

Is there similar Status Report Copy functionality in the Clarity Modern UX?

Per Product Management, at the moment there is not a 'Copy' function in the Modern UX. The 'Publish' button is the only option now to create/copy. In the future we are going to have 'Actions' in Modern that can be defined on different objects. Here is some information on the Publish option:

- Publish Investment Status Reports

• When you publish a status report, it creates a new status report instance and populates its values from the latest prior published status report.