Can you download and install multiple Aggregate Maintenance (AMSOLUTION) Files for CA ACF2 r16.0 at the same time?
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Can you download and install multiple Aggregate Maintenance (AMSOLUTION) Files for CA ACF2 r16.0 at the same time?


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An insight into Aggregate Maintenance.

What is Aggregate Maintenance?

Aggregate Maintenance for CA Mainframe pPoducts is not cumulative, but is inclusive, meaning there are no gaps between Aggregate Maintenance Files. Each Aggregate Maintenance Solution (AMSOLUTION) identifies the beginning date and ending date for included Maintenance. Each subsequent Aggregate Maintenance File begins with the next published fix after the last fix from the previous Aggregate Maintenance File (no gaps).

There may be additional fixes after the latest Aggregate Maintenance File, which should be reviewed to see if any is applicable to your site, and will be included in the next Aggregate Maintenance File.

Multiple Aggregate Files can be installed at the same time.


Release: ACF2..001AO-16-ACF2


The Aggregate Maintenance Files are in the form of PAX Files that are downloaded (FTP) from the CA FTP site to your Mainframe HFS (or ZFS) where CA ACF2 r16.0 was installed. The UNPAX Process will create a File named SMPPTFIN in the Directory containing the PAX File. When you download multiple PAX Files, you need to rename SMPPTFIN after each UNPAX because the next UNPAX will overlay the existing SMPPTFIN File. For example, you can rename the first UNPAX'd SMPPTFIN to SMPPTFI1, rename the second one to SMPPTFI2, and so on for additional UNPAX'd Files.

When you UNPAX multiple Aggregate Maintenance Files and have separate File Names for each, you can concatenate these Files in a single SMP/E RECEIVE Job. For example, the SMPPTFIN DD for six UNPAX'd Aggregate Maintenance Files would look like:
     //SMPPTFIN  DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI1'  
     //          DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI2'  
     //          DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI3'  
     //          DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI4'  
     //          DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI5'  
     //          DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,                        
     //             PATH='/your/acf2r16/dir/path/SMPPTFI6'  

Change the PATH Name to the Directory Path used at your site.

To receive all of the Maintenance specify the RECEIVE command as:
//SMPCNTL  DD*          


Additional Information

This methodology can be used for other CA Mainframe Products that provide Aggregate Maintenance Files.