Does PDSMAN require an entry in the Subsystem Name Table?
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Does PDSMAN require an entry in the Subsystem Name Table?


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This document provides information about the PDSMAN entry in the Subsystem Name Table.

Is there any value in adding the PDSMAN entry in the sub system name table ?


Release: PDSMA100200-7.7-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-ONE COMPONENT


The Subsystem Name Table defines subsystem names to the operating system. PDSMAN utilizes an entry in the table to anchor important product-related control blocks and to intercept commands that are entered on the operator console.

During initialization, PDSMAN scans the Subsystem Name Table for an entry named PDSM. If found, the existing entry is used without any external indication of this processing.

If an entry is not found, one is dynamically added to the end of the existing table and informational message PDSMOPR-04 is issued to inform the user that the update has been made. Operating system services are not used to perform this update.

Since this is an internal process that is handled automatically by PDSMAN, the PDSMOPR-04 message text is the only documentation provided. This is simply stating that the subsystem name was added because we did not find it.