ADRLIB in Datacom CICS when no Ideal
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ADRLIB in Datacom CICS when no Ideal


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Datacom IPC


Is ADRLIB needed in a Datacom CICS region that is not running Ideal?



Datacom CICS option


Yes, even when Ideal is not in use in a CICS region, the four "ADR" files ADRLIB, ADRPNL, ADROUT, and ADRTRC are needed by IPC in a CICS region that is used for Datacom access by transactions such as DDOL.

VLS file ADRLIB  to contain the messages from the Datacom installation and the IPC installation. 
VLS file ADRPNL to contain the Datacom DDOL panels from the Datacom/DB installation.
VLS file ADROUT formatted and initialized.
VLS file ADRTRC formatted and initialized.

Additional Information

When installing or upgrading IPC, either new installation job VQNEW01 or upgrade installation job VQUPG01 is run on each CICS region to format, initialize.

For details on IPC installation related to the ADR files, refer to Datacom Tools - 15.1 section Customization and Postinstallation Steps for IPC