DDOL ICSCERRP02E - INTERR: Internal system error


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Why, in a CICS region with no CA Ideal, when sign in to DDOL transaction, getting error:

1-ICSCERRP02E - INTERR: Internal system error




ADRLOG showed the full error: 

VL02 *****  START OF DDO   ERROR LOG ON 08/16/18  AT  06:37:55  *****   
VL02 1-ICSCERRP02E - INTERR: Internal system error                      
VL02 SRVC=VPE FUNC=$APS     RC=001    PGM=DDDDIPR   .  -08C4            
VL02 CALPGM=          .  -     CURACT=   ACTTYP=  USER=JMG ERRID=       
VL02 SYS=    ENTTYP=    ENTNAM=                ENTVER=    ENTSTAT=      
VL02 *****    END OF DDO   ERROR LOG ON 08/16/18  AT  06:37:55  *****   

The PGM=DDDDIPR is the internal name for module SC00DDIN which is a Datacom/DB module.

The problem here was due to a library concatenation problem in this CICS region.

There was a 'stray' earlier version of SC00DDIN being loaded 
This was determined by issuing DBUT M=SC00DDIN which displayed the SC00DDIN loaded to this CICS region and viewing the eyecatcher.
DBUT is a Datacom CICS Services (DBC) CICS transaction. 

For the short term, once the SC00DDIN module was replaced in that load library and a CEMT NEWCOPY was issued to refresh SC00DDIN, the DDOL problem was resolved. 
For the ultimate resolution, the library concatenation would need to be corrected so that the appropriate product libraries will be used as there may be other module discrepancies.