TSS Installation Exit (TSSINSTX)
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TSS Installation Exit (TSSINSTX)


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


tss-installation-exit-tssinstx exit point COMMAND

When exit point "COMMAND" is called, there are various pointers (i.e., "TAXCDCT", "TXACFCT", etc.) provided to resource tables.
However, the format of these resource tables is not provided. Can you please elaborate on the format of these resource tables? 




The main list of resource tables based on command input is located in exit field TXACRLST,
the address found here points to a list of resource tables that may match one of the common resource classes assigned a unique value in the exit plist.
For example, a list of data set resources will have an address in field TXACRLST and in field TXACDSN.
Clearly not all classes have a unique field in the exit plist, but all resource class tables can be found in the TXACRLST list.
The format of a command resource table includes a 7 byte header followed by 5 slots to hold input resource names (5 because the maximum number of names
you can include on an ADD/REM/PERMIT/REVOKE command for resources is 5). Here is a layout of the table: RESOURCE TABLE HEADER 2 byte resource class code from RDT 2 byte
access level (included on command or default) 2 byte count of table entries 1 byte resource type (PIE resource x'80', volume resource x'40', RIE resource x'20', masked RIE resource x'10') RESOURCE TABLE DATA 5 x 256 byte slots, each slot contains a 1 byte machine length of the resource name followed by the resource name Use the count from the header to determine how many
slots are filled based on command input