Security adapter installation with Seible IP15
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Security adapter installation with Seible IP15


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We're running an Agent for Siebel IP7, and we've recently upgraded to
Siebel IP15.  For that, we'd like to get the download link for the ERP
Agent for Siebel on Siebel IP15, and the documentation related to it
as it needs to be configured as 5.x Agent.

Where can we find that ?



ERP Agent for Siebel 12.51



At first glance, with Siebel IP15 you can only use the ERP Agent 12.51
on SunOS and RedHat. Here are the details for download, support matrix
and documentation you requested.

  CA Single Sign-On Agent R12.51 for ERP Systems (Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP) Platform Support Matrix

    | Siebel version  | Solaris 10 64bit | RedHat 6 64bit |
    | Siebel Server   | Yes              | Yes            |
    | Innovation Pack |                  |                |
    | 2015            |                  |                |

You'll find the binaries here :

   Layer7 SiteMinder Agent for Siebel

You'll find the related documentation here :

   CA SSO Agent 12.51 for Siebel

  which gives you the link to "CA SSO Agent for Siebel Guide" and "CA
  SSO Agent for Siebel Release Notes".

The version 12.51 can also work in 5x mode, as stated by the Release 
notes : 

  Agent for Siebel Release Notes r12.51 

    Chapter 3: New Features 

    Agent Communication Model 

      This product now communicates with the Policy Server using the trusted host 
      communication model. 


this means that now the ERP Agent for Siebel can work also with the 
trusted host model (5x). On previous version, it can't. 

Configuring in 4x version is supported with IP15. 

You should not use these libraries on the Policy Server : - Package: NPSSessionLinker V5.60.0423.557 - Component: NPSSessionLinker Configuration Active Response V5.60.0423.557 (Dec 15 2011 12:17:11) 

but the ones that are shipped with the Session Linker 12.52