How to investigate FOOTPRINT ERROR within Endevor
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How to investigate FOOTPRINT ERROR within Endevor


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How to investigate FOOTPRINT ERROR within Endevor?
Example, when Endevor action returns  error message C1G0119E.


Release: ENDAE.00200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager


In order to investigate FOOTPRINT ERROR,

The following utilities are recommend:

1 - Running C1BM5000/Validate utility will check the synchronization between MCF/BASE and Delta libraries -> CSIQJCL(BC1JVALD)
2 - Running Report 80 will list the footprint for each member found in Base, Delta or any output libraries populated using Endevor processor -> CSIQJCL(BC1JRPTS),
3 - Running Report 83 will list the footprint exception for each member in error found in any libraries  -> CSIQJCL(BC1JRPTS),

All available reports can be built from Endevor from Option:
1 - U USER MENU - Display user option menu
2 - 1 REPORTS - Build Report Requests
3 - 4 FOOTPRINT - Build Footprint report JCL

Additional Information

If assistance is required, open a case to the Endevor Support.