Can not use dataset actions from Windows Client
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Can not use dataset actions from Windows Client


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


In Ca Vantage I have access to the actions for all objects except for datasets all (DTOC4SYS). I have authority to stgadmin resource in RACF. Could you help me get access to dataset actions?


Release: SMV3EN00200-14.0-Graphical Management Interface


The DTOC4SYS actions are missing because the XMLDEFS DDNAME pointing to CCTUXML SMP/E data set is not defined in the JCL of the Vantage procedure.
Vantage tries to open the HLQ1.HLQ2.CCTUXML data set as the SMP/E data set prefix is defined: SMPPFX | HLQ1.HLQ2 but the SMP/E prefix is apparently HLQ1.CA.VANTAGE.
See in the log: VKG0400I VKG0282I DSN Not Cataloged HLQ1.HLQ2.CCTUXML
Also, DTOC4SYS requires Base license.
But that is the second problem. They are running CA Vantage GMI which is included free of charge with another CA product (for example TLMS, CA Datacom/DB, etc.).
GMI provides you access to objects for the other CA products using GMI, and the following basic storage management objects in the Object Tree:
■ CA Vantage Management, which includes sub-objects: – System Activity (Message Log, Mailbox, System Parameters, Operator Commands, and others) – Analysis Tools (memory usage, object dictionary, and component analysis)
■ Catalog Management (locations, relationships, entries, and space usage)
■ DFSMS Constructs (all attributes)
■ Hardware Errors (current and historical, and tape units)
■ Storage Groups (space usage and other attributes)
■ Volumes (DASD - space usage and other attributes)
■ z/OS System Resources (APF list, Link list, and so on) However, Dataset Management with the DTOC4SYS object is not listed.
You can see which Vantage component need to be licensed for each object via the following view in the GUI:
=> CA Vantage Internal Management => Test Object, LMP, OTree, Calendar => License Verification (LMP)
Run this view with a filter of for example: "Object Nm" INCL DTOC/,LSPACE/
You will see that for the DTOC4SYS object you need a license for the Vantage Base component (prod code '0C') as of column LMP1.
For the LSPACEPO object you need a license for the Vantage Base '0C' as of column LMP1, or as per column LMP2, 'K6' indicates that it works also for the CA Vantage GMI.