Delete alerts automatically
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Delete alerts automatically


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Autosys Workload Automation


Daily, the operators deletes alerts manually from Dashboard in WCC. We would like a way to delete alerts automatically.


Workload Control Center 11.x/12.x


AutoSys by default purges alarms from its database after 7 days. This setting is controled by the DBMaint script which includes archive_events statementes which accept 
parameters to define the number of days worth of data to keep. 


In the autosys database 
@archive_events -A -n 7 -b 50000 >> %outfile% 
The 7 represents to delete any records older than 7 days. 

If you need to purge the records more immediately... 
You may login to the autosys database(s) and truncate the 
table ujo_alarm. 

truncate table ujo_alarm; 

For WCC, much like AutoSys it defaults to purging older information after 7 days. 

If you wish to change that setting, in WCC go to the Configuration tab, select preferences, select Monitoring and click go. 
There you will find the Backend Services section which includes the Alerts Deletion Threshold. 

If you need to purge all the alerts more immediately then you may login to the WCC database and truncate the table MON_EVENT. 


Delete from MON_EVENT;

Please refer the following document for " How to run SQL queries on the Derby Database for WCC"