How to debug a No Transports Available issue while communicating from WebFort to UDS?
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How to debug a No Transports Available issue while communicating from WebFort to UDS?


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This document will walk through logs / screens related to three CA Strong Authentication component to try to find the root cause of the "No Transports Available" issue. 

1. Arcot Flow Manager (AFM) log - arcotafm.log
2. Arcot Webfort log - arcotwebfor.log in DEBUG mode 
3. Arcot Master Admin Console's" User Data Service Connectivity Configuration"

Webfort connects to UDS to retrieve the user that is being authenticated. If this is not possible the CA Strong Authentication processing will no complete. 



CA Strong Authentication Servers 


1. One should start from the arcotafm.log. In this case a User Name of <Username> in <Orgname> is used and a flow is requiring ArcotID (via authGetArcotID) to be retrieved from Webfort Server.. Make a note of the Client Transaction ID  _C69Q_1_131

2018-08-14 15:20:39,581 [WebContainer : 0] INFO  api.impl.TxnMarker(30)  -> Txn-Begin : OP=getArcotID | CTxID=_C69Q_1_131

2018-08-14 15:20:40,113 [WebContainer : 0] DEBUG integrations.frontend.LifeCycleStateData(642)  ->  ArcotAFM exception 707029046: Server request result unexpected while determining if user requires migration: authGetArcotID(user,org)=(<Username>, <Orgname>)

2. Then open the Webfort log (arcotwebfort.log in DEBUG mode) for the same time frame and then look for the client transaction ID as _C69Q_1_131 (as gathered from step #1 above. Find the Txn-Begin and examine the trace that follows to find the exception. 

08/14/18 15:20:39.587 INFO  TXN_NATIVE   -256799856 00694003 - Txn-Begin : TxnID=694003 | ClientTxnID=[_C69Q_1_131] | Protocol=5 (TXN_NATIVE) | ReqSize=119 | TST=2018-08-14 19:20:39:0 (DB)

08/14/18 15:20:40.100 WARN  TXN_NATIVE   -256799856 00694003 - [UDS] Caught TransportException [create: No Transports Available]

Master Admin UI screen check if the Host Name and Port for UDS is specified correctly.


Additional Information

Note the arcotwebfort.log in DEBUG and Trace mode can lead to other reasons that could cause the "No Transports Available" issue. 


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