Agile Central: When stories are added as Predecessor/Successor they lose parent association


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When using QDP and assigning a Predecessor and/or Successor to a User Story, if the User Story being assigned is parented by a Feature or a User Story, the parent association is removed.   

To repro: 
  1. Ensure you have QDP enabled 
  2. Add a Feature to three User Stories, just so we can test both Predecessor and Successor 
  3. Go to the Backlog page and select a story other than ones in step 2 - open in QDP 
  4. Click on the Dependencies icon 
  5. Add one of the stories used in step 2 as a Predecessor and/or one as a Successor by clicking Add New, then select Choose 
  6. Check the Revision History of the Predecessor and Successor stories
  7. See the Predecessor/Successor has had the parent removed 

Expected Result: 
The Predecessor and/or Successor is added without removing the parent that is assigned to the User Story. 

Actual Result: 

The Feature is removed from the User Story and there is the message showing this in the Revisions.


Component: ACSAAS


Defect fixed