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CA APM EM 10.7 installer fails to execute for the Postgres Install


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Using root user and installing APM Enterprise Manager (EM) 10.7 on Amazon Web Services (AWS) under Linux 7.4 the Postgres software install fails.
The Introscope_10.7.0.45_InstallLog.log shows messages:
Error running /tmp/postgresql_installer_921e97eda4/ : /bin/sh: /tmp/postgresql_installer_921e97eda4/ Permission denied
Install Postgres failed with exit code 1
Permission Denied


CA APM 9.x, 10.x Linux/Unix Enterprise Manager install


The root user had execute permissions for: 

Created a test script inside /tmp, set chmod 755 on it but also could not execute it ("Permission denied")
Reviewed the mount status of the /tmp filesystem using the command "mount" and discovered it had been mounted with "noexec" option


Edit /etc/fstab file and remove "noexec" option
Remount /tmp filesystem with command : mount -o remount /tmp 
The "mount" command then shows no "noexec" for the /tmp flesystem.
The install was then successful.