Message #XCOMM0745E SYSDSN ENQUEUE UNAVAILABLE - how often will the transfer retried?
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Message #XCOMM0745E SYSDSN ENQUEUE UNAVAILABLE - how often will the transfer retried?


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What retry limits (e.g. FERL, TERL) apply to the message #XCOMM0745E SYSDSN ENQUEUE UNAVAILABLE, DSN=datasetname?


Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX


There is no limit to the number of retries for the XCOMM0745E message when using TYPE=SCHEDULE.

When using TYPE=SCHEDULE, the #XCOMM0745E condition is not considered as an error but as a temporary condition which can be corrected by releasing the file from whomever is working on it. If the target file is still unavailable, you can issue an XCOM operator command to DELETE the transfer, or to HOLD the transfer until the file is available and then RELEASE it; or you can do nothing and let XCOM retry the transfer until the target file is available.

When using TYPE=EXECUTE however, you cannot issue the operator command to HOLD or DELETE the transfer. For TYPE=EXECUTE transfers the value of the TERL parameter is used. The XCOMM0745E message is counted towards the TERL limit on each occurrence, and when the count exceeds the TERL value then the transfer is terminated.


Additional Information

In all cases, retries are performed at the intervals specified by the ERRINTV parameter.