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TIRM888E Code Generator Patch RO86229


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


We've done some code generation testing and we're seeing the difference described below in cooperatively packaged IMS server managers that *do not* have a CA Gen front-end user interface (UI).
- Without patch: IF MMRT-RETURN-CODE = 0
- With patch: IF MMRT-RETURN-CODE NOT > 4

Q1: "Because the impact of the patch description states: 'the app cannot successfully execute if the trx is retried due to a RETRY TRANSACTION statement' we're assuming if the app does *not* have a Gen UI it will never see the TIRM888E error." Is that a correct statement?

Here's the info the assumption was based on: Patch Description:
TIRM888E ERROR IF RETRY TRANSACTION SYMPTOMS: Application fails with this message displayed on the CA Gen GUI client: TIRM888E: ERROR MEMORY MANAGEMENT ALLOCATION IMPACT: Customers cannot successfully execute cooperative applications if the transaction is retried due to a RETRY TRANSACTION statement. 




Memory Management processing only affects the CICS environment, not IMS. Therefore you will not get the TIRM888E error.  

Q1:  If the application does *not* have a Gen UI, it will never see the TIRM888E error." Is that a correct statement? 
R1:   This is correct for CICS.