How to change database user/pass that CA Search Server uses?
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How to change database user/pass that CA Search Server uses?


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The database user credentials of the user that CA Search Server uses were changed. How to fix CA Search Server to use the correct credentials?


Component: XFLOW


1) Identify the database username and password in the config.yml file by the values associated to the attributes user and password in that file

user: sa
password: <encrypted password>

This indicates that the user "sa" will be used to connect to the MDB database using the encrypted password mentioned in the password field above.

2) The value in the user field can be changed to an appropriate account that has read (or read/write) privileges on the mdb database, example: mdbadmin

3) The password value however needs to be encrypted using SDM's encryption (SDME) format.  This can be done by opening a command prompt on the SDM server and then typing:

a) nxcd bin  <hit enter>
## This changes the prompt and directory to NX_ROOT\bin 

b) encrypt_pwd -sdme YourRealPassword_for_mdbadmin_account  <hit enter>
## replace YourRealPassword_for_mdbadmin_account with the real password for the database user in step#1 above

c) the above command results in an encrypted string

d) copy that encrypted string and use that in the config.yml file for the password value in Step#3 above 

e) save the file

4) Perform a reindex of CA Search Server by following the steps here:

5) restart xFlow Service