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TDM Portal mouse over column shows wrong data type for Integer on SQL Server


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Customer cursors over a table in SQL server that was created from XSD.
When the user does this it says it's an NVARCHAR etc and when they go into the painter it says it's an integer.
Datamaker is also showing it is nvarchar.
Are we storing these as nvarchar and XSD rule?


TDM 4.5
Web Portal
test Data Manager


We need to differentiate between 2 datatypes in Portal when it comes to XSD files:

  1. The data types show on the Data Generation window (when a user hovers over a column name).

  • As you can see here, the datatype is nvarchar. This is just the way the derived table (from the XSD file) is stored in the Repo DB.
  1. The data types shows in the Data Painter window.



As for the Data Painter window, this is where the actual data types (which were defined in the XSD file) are being enforced. Here:

  1. Datatype is string (as I defined it in the XSD file). It’s not nvarchar anymore.
  2. A Male/Female rule is being enforced.
    • When I validated the string “XYZ”, an error is show saying that only “Male” or “Female” are accepted as strings.


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