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In the New UX, PPM displays one decimal point if the 2nd digit is a zero.


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In the New User Experience (UX), CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) displays one decimal point if the 2nd digit is a zero.

Steps to Reproduce:
This is reproducible in multiple fields in the New UX, but here are the steps to reproduce this on a task with ETC.
1. Create a new project in the New UX in PPM 
2. Click on the Tasks section of the project 
3. Click on a task with a resource assigned (or assign a resource to the task) 
4. In the Task Details section, enter the following number in the Estimate to Complete section: 22.50 

Expected Results: Estimate to complete value displays as 22.50 
Actual Results: The last decimal is dropped so it displays as 22.5. This does not happen if you enter a number such as 22.55 

Note, sometimes, if you click in the Estimate to Complete field multiple times and click out, it will bring back the '0', but if you leave the page and go back in, the zero is dropped again.


This issue applies to the New User Experience (UX)


This is caused by DE43351 


After careful review, it was determined this issue will not be to be fixed. 

Additional Information

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