Resubmitting task time interval incorrect
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Resubmitting task time interval incorrect


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


When we try to resubmit tasks using the task "Resubmit Task" we are receiving an error message on screen that states the following. "Error: [Resubmit Tasks] Invalid value for minutes". This happens regardless of what we enter here. How can we resolve this?


Identity Manager 14.1


This was a bug that was resolved in 14.1 CP5. However once this is applied if you still receive this error message there may be one more change needed. To confirm this try the following.

1) Select "Modify Admin Task"
2) Search for "Resubmit Task"
3) Select the task and on the "Profile" tab under "Action" validate if this is set to "Modify" If it is on "View" you will still experience the Invalid value for minutes error message.
4) Save the task and retest.