grloader returns grDataMgr3500 ERROR during login to server(http:\\locahost:8080) error((400BadRequest). Unable to signon.


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Whilst the CA Service Desk Manager service is up and running, when the following command sequence is run:

1. nxcd samples\grloader
2. grloader -s http:\\localhost:8080 -i grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx -u servicedesk -p <mypassword> -a -E
Note: In the above command, you must replace <mypassword> with the password of servicedesk user
The result which is written to the command prompt window is like:
10:36:26.068 CI and Relationship Loader for CA Service Desk Manager R12.9.000
grDataMgr3500 ERROR during login to server(http:\\localhost:8080) error((400)Bad Request)
Unable to signon.
10:36:28.271 GRLoader ended



The value of the Server URL specified after the "-s" parameter is not in the correct format.



CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.04
Windows operating system


The format of the Server URL must be according to the online help documentation.

For example, in step #2 of the "Issue" section of this article, to avoid the issue, use the following command instead:
grloader -s http://localhost:8080 -i grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx -u servicedesk -p <mypassword> -a -E

Note that the Server URL that follows the "-s" parameter contains two forward-slash characters (//) instead of two back slash characters (\\).

Additional Information

To review the format of the grloader command, run "grloader -h".

The Usage output shows the following Required parameters:
        -u    xxx     - Userid for logon
        -p    xxx     - Password for logon
        -s    xxx     - Server URL including port (I.E. http://localhost:8080