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SD02265568 - This case is to CAPM 3.1: Creating cluster environment fail


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We have a CAPM tools with 1 PC, 1 DR, 1 DA and 4 DC. I tried to add two additional host to create the DR Cluster environment. The procedure failed when tried to add the host to the database using the Vertica Database Administration Tools. In this step I have to choose the option 7 (Advance Menu), then the option 6 (Cluster Management) and finally the option 1 (Add Host) on the first DR. When do that, I can see the two host that I want to add as cluster. Choose both with asterisk mark and click ok, the process run but present an error. Finally all the procedure finished with the database of the 3 hosts corrupted. I want to know what I did wrong to keep in mind when try it next time.


capm 3.1
Vertica 7.2.3-11


Older versions of vertica sometimes have trouble adding new cluster members with admintoosl.


once the same node is listed multiple times in admintools, we need to engage vertica to clean this up.
they will have to edit the admintools.conf and possible the catalog.

please contact ca technical support for assistance.