How to import/upload a new MIB in Performance Management
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How to import/upload a new MIB in Performance Management


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When trying to write a custom metric family and vendor certification, the MIB, which is already used in existing vendor certifications from this vendor may be out of date as the OIDs being targeted are in a relatively new table.

Do MIBs need to be updated in Performance Management or is just having the OIDs in the vendor certification XML sufficient?


DX NetOps Performance Management Release 20.2 or later


You can no longer import the vendor's MIB in DX NetOps Performance Management. If you try, you will get this error: Import Failed  File xxxxx.mib is empty.

Only OIDs in the custom certification XML files are sufficient.



Import/Upload a custom Certification XML file into Performance Management as follows:

  1. Login to the NetOps Portal.

  2. Administration -> Data Sources -> Data Aggregator -> Vendor Certifications 

  3. Click on the "Import" button:

  4. Select the custom Certification XML file to import.

Additional Information

Self Certification

The following URL provides an overview of how to use Self-Certification in DX NetOps Performance Management: