Provisioning Server service crash and down core dump slapd
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Provisioning Server service crash and down core dump slapd


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


im_ps crashes and generate a core.<pid> under folder /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin for first attempting of bind on im_ps.


CA Identity Suite 14.x Virtual Appliance
Also works on non-vapp *unix builds. 


1. Login as config user and su - imps user

2. cd to ProvisioningServer/bin folder an run:

gdb ./slapd ./core.1234 -ex 'thread apply all bt full' -ex quit |& tee backtrace.log (where core.<pid> is the core file generated when im_ps crashed and genereated the core file)

3. Check that have this following messages inside of genearted backtrace.log file with previous gdb command: Core was generated by `./slapd -n im_ps -s 64 -f ../data/im_ps.conf -h ldap://localhost:20389 ldap://c'. Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. #0 0x0079b69f in _LoadSAPIFuncs () at /home/etadev/src/ECS2/ECS/CommonServices/Unix/Logging/eCSLogAPI.cpp:2875 2875 /home/etadev/src/ECS2/ECS/CommonServices/Unix/Logging/eCSLogAPI.cpp: No such file or directory. in /home/etadev/src/ECS2/ECS/CommonServices/Unix/Logging/eCSLogAPI.cpp

4. If have this error, go to Provisioning Manager/System/Global Properties/Logging tab and uncheck "Common Services", "Unicenter Console" and "eTrust Audit" tabs.